Repairing an Axon AX 100 guitar-to-MIDI converter (part 1)

AXON AX-100 Front

Gareth writes: I’ve wanted a Guitar-to-MIDI converter (a.k.a. a guitar synth) for yonks. In particular, I’ve been looking for an Axon AX 100 unit; they were renowned for the speed and accuracy of the tracking that the proprietary neural network software could achieve. Unfortunately the AX 100 has been out of production for years, and used units are commanding prices in the high hundreds of pounds. However, I recently found a reasonably priced spares-or-repair unit on eBay, so I picked it up.


Dance Britain – now with more noise!

We had an interesting visitor to Tuesday’s Open Night: Ben Hammond of LearnBurma. Ben is currently dancing from John O’Groats to Land’s End! It’s all to raise awareness of the situation in Burma and some money for charities working in and for Burma. You can read more about Ben’s challenge on the Dance Britain website. Read more about Dance Britain – now with more noise![…]