Workshop: Candle Making Basics

Following on from the previous Candle Making workshop, we are happy to announce theĀ  workshop will be running again. Covering the basics of candle making participants should leave with enough knowledge to try some candle-making of their own. No previous experience is required just come along and have fun. Areas covered will include: Different types Read more about Workshop: Candle Making Basics[…]

Mark I Mug Plotter

Someone at work broke my favourite mug. Well, the freebie mug I was using. Clearly I needed a new one, and the only logical solution was to build a machine to draw the image of my choice onto a blank mug.

Evil Mad Scientist sell an egg bot kit – it draws a design onto an egg (or other broadly spherical object) using a couple of stepper motors, controlled through an Inkscape plugin. The control board is available separately (the whole project is open source), and is a fairly neat 2-stepper and single-servo controller, connecting to the host PC as a serial port over a USB cable. Hence most of the electronics and software were already taken care of, and I could concentrate on the hardware.

A collection of laser-cut bits of wood screwed together with some wire hanging off.

The partially assembled machine


Runesketch Alpha ready!

The loins of #makgammon (make a game month) are bearing fruit. Runesketch the collectable card game is ready for alpha testers. When Runesketch was aired for #makgammon, common feedback was that the rules were incomprehensible, the multi player was hugely buggy to the point of being unplayable and generally it looked like a game that Read more about Runesketch Alpha ready![…]

A new home for the Lathe!

A nice Thursday evening was spent in our new Machine / Dirty room creating a very solid workbench for our antique metalworking lathe. We should have taken more photo’s along the way but suffice to say we now have a solid platform to mount the Lathe and bring is back into full working order. Watch Read more about A new home for the Lathe![…]