CNC Quickstart

This guide will get you running with the CNC for manual machining operations.

Turn it on!

There are three powered units:

1. computer & monitor

2. the electronics and stepper motors (powered by a computer power supply)

3. The CNC cutter, after turning it on at the wall, you also need to set the direction of the cutter, and turn the speed up. It will not turn the cutter until the speed is set to zero and then increased (so it doesn’t start spinning by accident)


Candle Making Basics Workshop, 1st December

Want to make candles, but don’t know where to start? The workshop covers some basic candle making theory before getting your hands dirty making candles. No previous experience is required just come along and have fun! Topics covered will include: Different types of candle and wax How to safely melt and pour wax. Re-using wax Read more about Candle Making Basics Workshop, 1st December[…]

Arduino Workshop – Saturday 23rd November

Arduino is a micro-controller platform designed for ease of use and learning. It allows the creation of electronically controlled projects, whether it be simple blinking lights, a robot or a music generator. This workshop is aimed at beginners. You don’t needs any previous electronics or programming knowledge or experience. Topics covered include: An introduction to Read more about Arduino Workshop – Saturday 23rd November[…]

Soldering Workshop – Saturday 16 November

We quite often hear people saying “I’d love to get into electronics but i don’t know how to solder” Although you can do lot of electronics including our Arduino Workshop without needing to solder, it quickly becomes a really handy skill to make you own projects and fix/hack electronics. The workshop starts with the absolute Read more about Soldering Workshop – Saturday 16 November[…]