13 March 2011


The hacklab is spread across 3 rooms.

Main Lab – G1

The Main Lab is where most activity takes place, whether a group of people working on a software project or somebody working on some electronics. The soothing ambient tunes of Internet radio SomaFM or more upbeat Scenesat often play from the Hi-Fi.

At the right end is range of electronics related equipment including

  • Soldering iron & hot air station (Aoyue 968)
  • Binocular microscope – Ideal for soldering small projects
  • Oscilloscopes. Lots of ’em, from Tek boat-anchors to a shiny new Rigol digital ‘scope.
  • Bench Power supplies
  • Signal generator
  • Lots of resistors, capacitors, and other standard components
  • Every type of cable, convertor and adapter imaginable (and a few unimaginable….)

Workshop – G2

The workshop has a range of equipment and tools.

  • Laser Cutter – Ideal for cutting materials such as ply, acrylic, paper, card etc.

    Picture of Laser Cutter

  • Makerbot Cupcake 3D printerPicture of Cupcake 3D printer
  • Pillar drill + various bits
  • Milling machine (converted for CNC operation)

    Picture of Pilar Drill and CNC Mill

    Pillar Drill on Left and CNC Mill on Right

  • Myford ML3 Lathe (manufactured pre 1941!) For turning both metal and wood lathe
  • Assorted hand tools (hacksaws, files, screwdrivers, hammers etc)

Storage Room – G8

The storage room. Each Hacklab member has a storage box along with general storage of bigger bits of equipment that is used less frequently.


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