Shiny New Floor

After watching the institutional lino floor in the main lab crumble under our feet exposing the bare concrete it was time to do something. After furniture Jenga and 3 coats of floor paint we have a “new” floor ready to support our hacking.. Thanks to everyone that helped out!

Edinburgh Hacklab goes bananas at the Union Canal Raft Race

Our warriors of the water have defeated our arch rivals, The Forge (and several small children) to power to victory at the annual canal raft race. In a fine display of water-craftmanship, our team paddled our fine creation Dragonana through three heats to glorious win. With the rain lashing down, and The Forge’s 10 metre long raft a constant companion, it was by no means an easy win. Even the canal’s own swan racing team put up fine competition and were in the lead for much of the first heat.


Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire – call for makers!

Welcome to 2017! Edinburgh’s Mini Maker Faire returns this year on Sunday 16 April 2017. It takes place at Summerhall, right on our doorstep, and is a great chance to meet like minded folk from other hackerspaces, see interesting things that people are working on and play with robots. For this to happen, the Faire needs Read more about Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire – call for makers![…]

Event: Makers Marks – Connecting Engineers & Scientists with Artists & Designers

Hacklab member Al (who writes in the third person) is helping to organise an event at Summerhall on Monday 28th of November to show some glass pieces that are the output of a collaborative art project, combining glass blowing and casting, electronics, sound design and composition. The event will include some brief presentations about collaborative art, Read more about Event: Makers Marks – Connecting Engineers & Scientists with Artists & Designers[…]

Made in Hacklab: Morphogenic Constructions

Morphogenic constructions (4)Recently our Ultimaker 3D printer was kept busy for a few days printing strangely-shaped pieces for Edinburgh-based artist Penelope Kay. Penny had been working with Dr Thomas Pratt of Edinburgh University to create strange pseudo-organic shapes that blur the lines between diagrams and the the real world. The 3D printed pieces were encapsulated in medical-grade resin to make a stackable and re-arrangeable artwork. It’s always great to see interesting things being made in the lab, and satisfying to know we’ve helped bring something to fruition. […]

Your Hacklab Needs You!


Your favourite hackerspace is about to get bigger. An empty room became available near our current “suite” of rooms, we’ve snapped it up, and we have a plan…

If you’ve visited the lab and taken the tour, you’ll have seen our current storeroom is quite big but our workshop is quite small. We’re going to fix this by moving members storage to the new, smaller room and then refit G8 (the current storeroom) to be an epic workshop!

Since we improved our small workshop (room G2) with a new bench last year it’s been well used. It’s one of the few publicly accessible workshops in Edinburgh, so it can get pretty crowded. We’re also really tight on room in there, we can’t add any more big tools, like a table saw, CNC mill etc. So, let’s refit G8 to be a great workshop with room for lots of people to hack at once, and space to add to our library of tools.

Arduino for Beginners Workshop, Sunday 2nd August 2015

Arduino for Beginners Workshop, Sunday 2nd August 2015

Arduino is a micro-controller platform designed for ease of use and learning. It allows the creation of electronically controlled projects, whether it be simple blinking lights, a robot or a music generator. This workshop is aimed at beginners. You don’t needs any previous electronics or programming knowledge or experience. Topics covered include: An introduction to Read more about Arduino for Beginners Workshop, Sunday 2nd August 2015[…]