Music Night is back!

A long time ago, in a lab far, far, away… … in Leith, we used to have a regular music and audio night and we’d like to start that off again. Our plan is to use the existing open night on the first Thursday of every month as a Music/Audio themed evening. The first evening[…]

Repairing an Axon AX 100 guitar-to-MIDI converter (part 1)

AXON AX-100 Front

Gareth writes: I’ve wanted a Guitar-to-MIDI converter (a.k.a. a guitar synth) for yonks. In particular, I’ve been looking for an Axon AX 100 unit; they were renowned for the speed and accuracy of the tracking that the proprietary neural network software could achieve. Unfortunately the AX 100 has been out of production for years, and used units are commanding prices in the high hundreds of pounds. However, I recently found a reasonably priced spares-or-repair unit on eBay, so I picked it up.


May Music Night this Friday

This Friday, 18th May, is our monthly music night, starting from around 8pm in the lab. Come along to talk about music, hacking, and make some noise! The month before last I wasn’t there, and I missed out on Andrew and Tom’s resistive fabric synth, and James and Matt of Madlab making instruments out of[…]

Pastures new?

As we approach the first birthday of Edinburgh Hacklab, it’s becoming clear that we’ve reached the limits of the space we’re currently occupying in Out Of The Blue. So it’s time for the Hacklab to take the next step – we’re looking for a new space. Broadly speaking, we’re looking for a minimum of 500[…]