17 June 2013


Edinburgh Hacklab is a not-for-profit entirely funded by membership subscriptions, donations and workshop fees. There are no employed staff and any surplus is invested back into the lab facilities. Unfortunately Edinburgh is not a cheap place to rent space; our monthly rent outgoings are around £1100.

The best way to support the lab is by becoming a member, however if that’s not something that would work for you can become a Friend of the Lab by making a one-off or recurring donation. You have the option of including your name on the list below or you can remain anonymous. Our suggestion would be £5-10/month but any amount no matter how large or small is gratefully received.

Bank Transfer

This is the preferred method as we don’t incur charges and receive 100% of your donation. Please email treasurer@edinburghhacklab.com for bank details (we don’t put them here due to direct debit fraud risk).


Leave some money in the donations jar next time you are in the lab, along with an optional post it note with the name you want to be added to the Friends of Lab list.

Friends of the Lab

  • Madlab
  • Gary Martin
  • Lamb family
  • Your Name here….
  • …. and others who wish to remain anonymous