A Java implementation of persistent red-black trees open sourced

Make search go mega fast! O(log(n)) inserts and deletes on ordered lists, but with the twist that the original list before modification remains intact! Implemented by using path-copying as per “Making Data Structures Persistent” Driscoll, Sarnak, Sleator and Tarjan. PersistentRedBlackTreeSet This was quite tricky to implement, because you are not allowed parent pointers, so you[…]

Android androids

Meet Arnie Android (rev0) !! Based on a desk toy from Dealextreme he as 2 servo driven arms,a buzzer two flashy eyes and a PIR sensor in the head. Those foolish enough to approach within 10 M of my desk can now be detected ans suitably “processed” by Arnie ūüėČ http://www.dealextreme.com/p/android-mini-collectible-series-action-figure-doll-android-09-yellow-51733 Designed by yours truly[…]

Talks at the lab on Sunday 17th July

Following the success of last months talks, this month we have a selection of Scotland’s ambitious tech start-ups talking about their areas. Anarkik3D — develops software applications using virtual 3D touch, with a¬†haptic¬†device taking the place of the standard mouse to provide more natural and familiar 3D interactions. Robomotic — develops embedded wireless sensor platforms.[…]

Raft Race Report

It was Saturday morning, following a late night of raft assembly and a tight fit into the transport the Edinburgh Hacklab raft was at the canal ready for racing. During some pre-race testing there was a capsize with the two occupants going for a swim. We went in the first heat against a very impressive[…]

Raft Race Preparations

A team from Edinburgh Hacklab are taking part in the Edinburgh Canal Festival Raft Race this Saturday (9th July). Preperations have been taking place throught the week including designing the raft and sourcing materials.   The raft racing starts at Lemmington Bridge, Union Canal around 12.30pm if you fancy coming to watch. It should be fun whatever happens!

Edinburgh Hacklab documentary

Earlier this year, Edinburgh film student Kelly Jamieson visited the lab to make a¬†documentary. Now it’s on YouTube for your¬†viewing¬†pleasure. See Aaron’s payphone being investigated! Experience Martin philosophising on hackerspaces! Watch TomH tinker with the CNC! It’s all here in Hacklab: A documentary!