Edinburgh Hacklab’s First Birthday Party, Sat 24th Sep 4:30-9pm

Update 23/9/11: See below for EVEN MORE awesome raffle prizes! Edinburgh Hacklab is the city’s first hackerspace, part of a global movement of spaces created by like-minded individuals worldwide who love to make and hack things. By creating a shared space to do this, we provide access to better facilities than we could each have[…]

Laser Cutter

Edinburgh Hacklab is pleased to announce the arrival of a rather special bit of equipment, a laser cutter. So what does one do with a laser cutter? It enables high resolution (0.0254mm/1000dpi)¬†engraving and/or cutting of a wide range of materials including Acrylic, Crystal, Bamboo, Cloth, Fabric/Denim, Fiberglass, Glass, Laminated Plastic, Leather, Marble, Plastic, Paper, Rubber,[…]