20110330: Software Night

Software night is on again tonight from 7pm – check out the previous projects list and the Edinburgh software projects spreadsheet, and bring any other ideas/discussions/code. Software News: No-one else seems to have cared, but I’ve been ecstatic since Google finally made the Maps API accessible over HTTPS for free (previously a £10k yearly subscription)..[…]

Mill->CNC project

Martin and I worked more on the Mill->CNC project. “We tried to get the Linux-based CNC software EMC2 running with the mill. The initial idea had been to use Jay’s ITX machine for this, but it turns out this won’t run the necessary realtime kernel due to not having a working local APIC. We had a dig through the[…]

Software Night 20110323

Software night is rolling around again – the lab will be open from 7pm onwards tomorrow evening (Wed 23rd March). I’ve been doing some work integrating Janrain’s social sign-on into one of my websites and will be happy to talk about the upsides and downsides of that. Meanwhile, [email protected] has posted a good summary of[…]