Workshop: Candle Making Basics

Edinburgh Hacklab are pleased to be hosting a Candle Making workshop. Covering the basics of candle making it aims to give participants enough knowledge to try some candle-making of their own. Areas covered will include: Different types of candle and wax How to safely melt and pour wax. Basic candle making techniques. Re-using wax successfully. Read more about Workshop: Candle Making Basics[…]

Edinburgh Hacklab @ EMFCamp

The first UK hacker camp in many years was taking place in Milton Keynes, hackers, makers and other interested people were going to be there from across the UK and beyond. It was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed. After a early start the “hackbus” (a hired 9 seat mini-bus) was making good progress and we arrived by mid-afternoon in time to put up our tents and connect to the supper-fast Internet connection before the first talk started….

There were several other hack spaces, including NottingHack that had brought a gazebo village complete with laser cutter. Our “village” was slightly more modest a few straw bales with cooking equipment spread out nearby. A borrowed sail provided the only means of identification and protection from rain, that fortunately didn’t occur in any significant quantity.

Edinburgh Hacklab Village


Music Hack Day Scotland

Hackers, musicians, developers, bloggers and more, crowded into the Dissection Room at Summerhall on the 24th of August to take part in Music Hack Day Scotland, an international event that brings together creative minds to produce new and innovative musical things. The event opened up with talks from Edinburgh artist and app developer Yann Seznec, Read more about Music Hack Day Scotland[…]