Learn to program – Code Year

Computers are the most flexible tool in the engineers toolbox. When I grew up I think I was lucky to be born into the start of the home computer boom of the 80s. Computers like the BBC micro and spectrum were very easy to program, and because computers were so novel, our expectations of what could be achieved were easily within the reach of single programmer. Now were in the millennium, and PCs do so much more, the methods we use to program them are much more complicated. Learning to program has become very difficult on standard computing kit found in the home. So how should the next generation learn how to program?


A Java implementation of persistent red-black trees open sourced

Make search go mega fast! O(log(n)) inserts and deletes on ordered lists, but with the twist that the original list before modification remains intact! Implemented by using path-copying as per “Making Data Structures Persistent” Driscoll, Sarnak, Sleator and Tarjan. PersistentRedBlackTreeSet This was quite tricky to implement, because you are not allowed parent pointers, so you Read more about A Java implementation of persistent red-black trees open sourced[…]

Culture Hack Scotland

Organised by Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab, the first Culture Hack Scotland event took place on 6/7 May. It brought together 50 developers & designers and 50 arts professionals for 24 hours of hacking and making. A number of the datasets were released specifically for the event, including footfall data collected across 19 locations in central Read more about Culture Hack Scotland[…]