Los Cardos Awakens

After some kerfaffing we finally managed to get our favourite Mexican take away – Los Cardos – to deliver to our new home in Summerhall!

Nom nom nom …


1st summerhall burritos

1st Summerhall Burritos

6 thoughts on “Los Cardos Awakens

  • As long term customers until recently, it would be great if we could arrange something leaving out just-eat – less hassle for us and avoids the large cut just-eat take from them which surely is better for them.

  • I had a look and Just Eat takes 11%, not 30% as I previously said. To be honest for the convenience of having the order pop out a printer and and not having to handle any cash if the customer chooses to pay by card, it’s probably not that bad a deal for them.

    However, we are technically outwith their delivery area, so if one wishes to use JustEat you must have a registered postcode that’s IN the delivery area to find Los Cardos, and then put a comment on the order saying it’s for the Edinburgh Hacklab and to deliver it to 1 Summerhall. Personally I’d always call before ordering and tell them what you’re about to do, or else your food might go AWOL. Oh and also you must order something small that you might / might not get to cover the “extra charge” for the “far away” delivery.

    I’ll go in and speak to them soon and try to set something sensible up.

  • hey guys,
    If you’d be willing to help us beta test our new delivery menu page, we can hopefully guarantee non-just-eat shenanigans.
    hoping to phase out JE. in the coming months. Way too expensive and far too many headaches.
    Miss the drop in Tuesdays, but glad you’re still keeping the faith.

    • Hi Neil,

      Thanks for the response on our list. Yes, we’d be more than happy to test our your new beta delivery page. I’ll drop a message to your email address as well.

      We do miss our Lovely Los Cardos up at Summerhall 😛


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