Candles were made…

Exactly a month ago the first Candle making workshop took place at the lab on a unseasonal sunny Sunday morning. After a quick run through the types of wax and candles, and some safety tips it was time to get candlemaking.

Kayla decided to make a candle in the shape of her home state of Ohio. Tinfoil was acquired and used to make a mold.


Following the same theme Grace made a mold in the shape of the Scottish mainland using tin foil and electrical tape (we couldn’t find any duct tape), there were a few significant leaks but they were plugged by the first poring of wax. A wick was added followed by a few more layers of wax.

Mainland Scotland with raspberry purple top layer

Al went with a slightly more conventional design using a commercial mold with a bit of tilting of the layers.

Al’s creation

Ashley used a ginger beer bottle as a mold, to be broken a day or two later once the wax had set, hopefully reveling a beautiful bottle shaped candle.

Enjoyable day had by all, with some tips picked up for future candle-making. Look out for some more workshops at the lab….

All finished…

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